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Commissioned photography for:

  • Publications

  • Lectures/talks

  • Catalogues/Inventories

  • Recording (of change in a building/landscape)

Equipment used includes a Canon 5D, Mark IV, full-frame digital camera with L-series lenses.

Specialist historic environment subject matter includes:

  • Buildings

  • Conservation areas

  • Gardens and designed landscapes

  • Engineering

  • Interiors

  • Collections (artworks, paintings, sculpture etc.)

  • Furniture

  • On site copy photography (books, prints etc. that cannot be moved for conservation or insurance reasons)

Example 1 - Catalogue

Photography for a catalogue of the Thomas Chippendale furniture at Paxton House, Berwickshire. The photographs were later used in the book accompanying the Chippendale tercentenary exhibition at Paxton in 2018.

Example 2 - Lectures

Photographs for a lecture on the Scottish Baroque at Drayton Hall, South Carolina, USA.

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